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Business Law

Whether your contemplating a new venture, bringing on a partner, or negotiating a contract, Juniper Law will make sure it’s done right. Your business is not just a job, it’s your livelihood, your passion, and the sum of years of tireless work. You can trust us to treat  your business like our own.

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Non-Profit Law

Whether you are launching a new non-profit or fine-tuning your growing charity, Juniper Law has the corporate and tax law knowledge to help you reach your goals. From 501(c)(3) applications to compliance with state solicitation laws, non-profits are highly regulated. Juniper Law can help.

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Intellectual Property

Some of your business’s most valuable assets are intangibles: trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Juniper Law can help you protect your intellectual property, from counseling you on best practices in protecting your property to registrations and licensing agreements.

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  • It's been a dream to work with The Juniper Law Firm.

    EvaSycamore Street Press, LLC
  • I needed someone who understood my industry, and who could be proactive . . . I highly recommend!

    Sarah JaneSarah Jane Studios
  • [Juniper Law is] honest and quick to point out ways to save time and money. Juniper Law gets my business!

    KrisJupiter Electric, Inc.
  • [Juniper Law] has proven to be necessary and invaluable.

    MelanieFifth & Hazel, LLC


Juniper Law works exclusively on a fixed-fee basis. Predictable costs then allow your business to budget for legal expenses. But more importantly, fixed-fees allow you to treat your attorney as a partner, calling on him whenever it’s needed, with no need to stress about billable hours adding up.


As a business owner, you don’t want to spend what little extra time you have visiting your attorney. Juniper Law will conduct all your business at your office, over the phone, or online. Reduced overhead for us = reduced prices for you; no traveling to your attorney = more time for you.


Juniper Law doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. By focusing on the areas of law most relevant to your business, we make sure to stay up-date on the latest trends in the law in order to deliver only the highest quality service. We haven’t forgotten our greatest priority: YOU.

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